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Program Objectives

Program Objectives

  • Enhancing women’s social and economic conditions through gender equality, livelihood, education and advocating for their human rights.
  • Curtailing child labor and violence against children through integrated services in prevention, education and support services.
  • Providing health care services in the rural and low income areas through awareness raising, training and service delivery.
  • Promoting peace and harmony through peace education to foster the culture of harmonious living, peace and tolerance.
  • Rendering relief and rehabilitation services to the people affected by manmade and natural disasters.
  • Sustainable development goals orientated social service delivery and advocacy and lobbing with relevant government agencies

Cross Cutting Objectives

  • Protecting and valuing human rights of women, children, and minorities.
  • Protecting environment and natural resources for climate change reduction through participatory natural resources management and conservation.
  • Rehabilitating disabled people through care, support, education, and economic empowerment services.

Programmatic Focus

Learning from the experiences and reflections from the ground over a period of more than one and half decade as well as  strategic plan 2015-30 of NIDA-Pakistan focuses on four programmatic areas 1) sustainable development, 2) Peace and Security, 3) Rule of Law and Human Rights and 4) Emergency response and humanitarian assistance

Mainstreaming Out of Primary School Children in Kohistan

Project Objectives and Outputs: Overall Objectives: To support the government of KP efforts, in increasing access and improving the quality of education (at primary level) through capacity building and targeted interventions at institutional and community level in 26 UCs of Kohistan Districts. Specific Objectives: a) Increase girls’ enrolment in the primary schools in marginalized communities through social mobilization of local communities. b) Improve retention and quality of primary education in the marginalized communities through improvement in school learning environment. c) Improve the capacity of relevant district education officials to create an enabling school environment for primary education
DR.Zia Ur rahman Farooqi
CEO NIDA-Pakistan