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Social Mobilization and Community Development Program
Why Community Social Mobilization in Rural context of Pakistan?

Social Mobilization is designed for Communities with a purpose of Knowledge improvement & conceptualization of participation and community Mobilization, Participatory development. This intensive program provides the essentials of Planned Decentralized Process of Social Mobilization. It also provides an opportunity to develop an extensive understanding of Three Tier Structure, Use of Poverty Score Card and Development of Productive Linkages. Social mobilization Training strengthens participation of rural poor in local decision-making, improves their access to social and production services and efficiency in the use of locally available financial resources, and enhances opportunities for asset-building by the poorest of the poor.

NIDA-Pakistan Concept of Social Mobilization

Social mobilization is a tool or an instrument, which enables people to put their efforts together for carrying out the joint activities unifying resources and building solidarity. This is a process, which enables the communities and individuals create their own democratic self-governing groups or community organizations empowering them to manage their own as well as community development. Effective social mobilization is aimed at sustainable social and economic development and the process of democratization.

NIDA-Pakistan Specific objectives of Social Mobilization are:
  1. Formation of Cos/ CBOs/ VOs/ WOs and organization mature up to LSOs and Local Support Institution with in Local communities context cultural context
  2. Capacity Building and Technical Backstopping of Local Structures with in local communities and cultural context for social cohesion
  3. Familiarize communities about the participation of people, especially weaker section of the society in development process,
  4. Capacity building of communities in participatory Local Development for Poverty Alleviation and Equity,
  5. Upgrade the level of awareness among poor and socially excluded community through social mobilization and community development programs to increase access and quality of services,
  6. To develop the intellectual capacity of the participants to Support and strengthen gender balance and inclusiveness in the community,
  7. Develop skills of the communities about using different tools of Social Mobilization in Context of varied situations particularly about the three tier structure, Poverty Assessment and Monitoring of projects.