Operational Staff of NIDA-Pakistan

Currently NIDA has 18 organization staff members who have experience in different areas. The list of the staff is following:

Name Areas of Expertise Experience
Mr. Muhammad Anwar Khan Chief Executive 10 Years
Mr. Nasir Yousafzai Program Manager 12 Years
Mr. Saif Ur Rahman Senior Program Officer 6 Years
Mr. Muhammad Sadiq Logistics officer 4 Years
Mr. Habib Ur Rahman Fleet Manger 1 Years
Dr. Jan Alam Farooqi Health & Nutrition Manger 6 Years
Mr. Faisal Lughmani Finance officer 2 Years
Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Audit Officer 24 Years
Mr. Obaid Ullah Office Assistant 3 Years
Mr. Bawar Shah Driver 6 years Years
Dr. Zia Ur Rahman Farooqi Director Programs 13 Years
Sajid Ali IT Manager 2 Years
NIDA-Pakistan Project Staff
Name Areas of Expertise Experience
Mr. Masood Ali Project Manager 06 Years
Dr. Riaz Ahmad Livestock Production officer 05 Years
Mr. Sami Ullah Social Organizer 2 Years
Anwar Ali Social Orgnizer 4 years
Muhammad Sadiq Social Organizer 3 Years
Ms. Mehwish Social Organizer 4 Years
Ms. Fatima Social Organizer 3 years
Najeeb Ullah Logistic Assistant 6 years
Habib Ur Rahman Finance Assistant 3 years
Obaid Ullah Security Gurd 5 years
Shamshad Ali Office support 5 years