Partners of NIDA-Pakistan

Funding Partners
NIDA-Pakistan in Partnership with UN-WOMEN implemented “16 days project in district Shangla KPK, Pakistan. 16 Days of Activism is a global campaign celebrated every year from 25th November to 10th December and the main aim and objective of this campaign is to create awareness about women and gender violence and to sensitize the communities about gender and women rights and issues.
NIDA-Pakistan during 2010 Floods revitalized 10 flood affected primary schools through establishing temporary learning centers and also provided School supplies, Students Uniform, Books and trained School Teachers & other PTCs members.
NIDA-Pakistan in partnership with Malteser International designed community based Mother and child health Project in District Kohistan, KPK, Pakistan. The main objective of the project was to support the district health department in its service delivery to the marginalized communities, specially women and children of Kohistan district by mobilizing the target communities. The Basic Health Units (BHUs) situated in the remote areas of the district were provided with necessary surgical equipment for labor rooms. NIDA-Pakistan mobilized the district health officials to recruit Lady Health Visitors (LHVs) in remote health units in the district to provide health services to pregnant women to reduce the mortality rate in area.
NIDA-Pakistan in Partnership with Diakone German Based NGO assists communities of Shangla and Kohistan Districts in term of Livestock and agriculture improvement. NIDA-Pakistan through this Project Distributed Goats, Poultry Birds, Agriculture inputs and rehabilitated agriculture infrastructure. NIDA-Pakistan also Build Capacity of Government Livestock and agriculture staff as well as community based extension workers.
NIDA-Pakistan has implemented a Common wealth Foundation, UK, funded project on “Disability Awareness and Development” in Swat and Shangla districts of KPK, Pakistan. NIDA-Pakistan through this project raised awareness on disability issues at community level and efforts were made to raise the voices of disables at policy level.
NIDA-Pakistan Assist British Red Cross during the implementation of BRCS Funded Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery NIDA-Pakistan jointly with British Red Cross (BRC), implemented a BRC funded Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery Project in District Kohistan. The goal of the project was to help the communities to recover from the earthquake disaster, build their capacity on risk reduction and provision of safe drinking water. NIDA-Pakistan assisted BRC in conducting community based knowledge attitude and practice (KAP) survey which provided solid based to DRR and recovery program of BRC.
NIDA-Pakistan in Partnership with SDPI, UNDP, Paln Pakistan and ICRD USA implemented a numbers of research Projects in Peshawr, Hangu, Swat, Battagram, Shangla, Upper Dir, Vehrai, Chakwal and other part of Pakistan. These Projects were different size and scale and the main objective was to collect data for making base for policy formulation.
NIDA-Pakistan is strategic partner of global TB Partnership and plays its role for combatting the TB through Social Mobilization. Awareness rising and provision of TB treatment.
NIDA-Pakistan implemented a number of projects in partnership with Helping hand, USA. During the earthquake 2005, NIDA-Pakistan implemented relief projects to support the disaster affected communities and restoring their livelihoods. The main activites carried were distribution of goats, first aid trainings, Iftar and Ramadan packages distribution, Zabeeha Project, Orphan and Widows support programs in District Shangla, Kohistan and Battagram, KPK Pakistan.
NIDA-Pakistan implemented a USAID & Abt associates Inc. funded project ” Pakistan Safe Drinking Water and Hygiene Promotion Project (PSDW-HPP)”on community hygiene promotion and capacity building of Tehsil Muncipal Administration (TMA) staff of district Kohistan. This project was supplementing government of Pakistan’s Clean Drinking Water Initiative (CDWI). The project was implemented throughout in the District Kohistan, KPK, Pakistan with active communities involvement and support from government line agencies(GLIs).
The July 2010 floods affected the communities of district Kohistan, KPK, Pakistan by washing away the economic assets making them vulnerable to future disaster & calamities. NIDA-Pakistan, took immediate steps to support the vulnerable flood affected communities by providing them with the food for life packages to more than 800 households. The food packages provision remained continued for four months. Malteser International & BMZ funded the project for the flood affected communities of district kohistan.
During Floods Emergency of 2010 NIDA-Pakistan in Partnership with Malteser international and AA Provided assistance to 1000 Families of Kohistan in term of Provision of Non Food items. NIDA-Pakistan successful implemented this Project in targeted villages and UCs of Kohistan District KPK, Pakistan
During Floods Emergency of 2010 NIDA-Pakistan in Partnership with Malteser international and WHO Provided medical assistance through two health facilities. During the Period of three months NIDA-Pakistan team treated more than 10,000 Patients. Through Female health staff NIDA-Pakistan Provide comprehensive MNCH Services to the targeted affected women. Apart of this NIDA-Pakistan also provided free consultation and medication to all patients. NIDA-Pakistan also raise community awareness of hygiene promotion
NIDA-Pakistan in Partnership with APFED and UNEP Successfully Impregnated community based adoption Project to mitigate climate change issues and to prevent forest for deforestation and environmental degradation. Through this Project NIDA-Pakistan introduced local indigenous technology to address climate change issues. NIDA-Pakistan designed a fuel-efficient stove that helped in reducing forest cutting, reduce female work load for fetching woods from forest and improve women health. Through this Project NIDA-Pakistan distributed 300 stoves 100 Industrial and 200 local trained black smiths made with in local communities.
During Floods Emergency of 2010 NIDA-Pakistan in Partnership with Qatar Red crescent Provided assistance to 3000 Families of Kohistan in term of Provision of Non Food and food items. NIDA-Pakistan successful implemented this Project in targeted villages and UCs of Kohistan District KPK, Pakistan