Introduction of NIDA-Pakistan

NIDA-Pakistan is non-profitable, non-governmental, non-Political and non Religion organization registered under Societies and companies Act under ordinance 1860, is committed to help the underprivileged population anywhere in Pakistan, Include FATA, and Azad Kashmir. It also provides trainings to public, private, Government department and voluntary organizations. This organization operates independently of any political and cultural influences. As a non-governmental organization NIDA-Pakistan, intervenes both in situations of disaster and non-disaster for sustainable development of the marginalized population restoring their autonomy in the society. The team of NIDA-Pakistan consists of psychologists, sociologists, social organizers, public health specialist, economists, lawyers, human rights activists and educationists. All these qualified members are working to enhance the physical mental health of people from all sections of the society. NIDA-Pakistan organization also works for persons with disabilities, non-formal education, against the issue of domestic violence, child sexual abuse/corporal punishment/child labor and child trafficking. The aim of NIDA-Pakistan is to serve the humanity, development of human resources, capacity building, mental health facilities, and economic sustainability without gender discrimination. NIDA-Pakistan acquired registration with directorate of joint companies and Societies Peshawar KPK under the ordinance 1860 having registration No 611/ 5/5650.

Objectives of NIDA-Pakistan